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Yoga and the Mind
What does yoga have to do with the mind? With our behavior and thoughts and feelings? Is it simply exercise or more? This class explores the heritage of yoga and the power of its psychology as embedded in the Yoga Sutras. Read More


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Meet Judy

Judy believes we all have a desire to grow and flourish.  She is a skilled mentor, mindful of how often we need to get clear on outcomes, overcome our inner critic, and get back to our true selves.  She brings her background and experience in corporate business, psychology, and NLP to bear to help individuals, families, and corporate boards and work teams get clearer about their vision, more skilled in their interactions, and more successful in their daily surroundings.

One of Judy’s lifelong passions is yoga. She has practiced for 30 years, taught for over 20 years, and taught yoga teacher training for the last 10 years. As a child, Judith’s severe lung problems brought her close to death, and she attributes her breath, strength, and energy to her yoga.

Judy is a frequent speaker at corporate and association events.  She has authored books on counseling, NLP, and presentation.  Judy has served on both for-profit and non-profit boards.

Judy has an MBA and worked for 13 years in corporate development, strategic planning, and acquisitions.  She headed a subsidiary of US Bancorp and was responsible for all aspects of business, including marketing, systems, operations, human resources, and integration with the larger organization.

In the 1990’s, she made a career change, returned to graduate school, and completed her Ph.D.  in Psychology.  Her Doctorate and her Dissertation are steeped in the traditions of Maslow, May, Rogers, and Systems Psychology.

Judith has assisted individuals to reframe and reverse obstructing thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, refocusing their energy and commitment on what is important and compelling to them in life.  She has found that the powerful NLP processes and teachable skills are useful tools to facilitate change in our behavior, emotions, beliefs, and self-esteem.

As a therapist in traditional settings, Judith worked with clients with a history of trauma and also individuals and families affected by addictions.  She served as a Board Member for an inpatient addictions program.  She is licensed as a Professional Counselor.

As a trainer, Judith weaves her many interests and skills to craft a learning environment that meets the needs of both business people and helping professions.  She loves laughter, stories, and seeing students integrate and utilize powerful skills.