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Yoga and the Mind
What does yoga have to do with the mind? With our behavior and thoughts and feelings? Is it simply exercise or more? This class explores the heritage of yoga and the power of its psychology as embedded in the Yoga Sutras. Read More


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AIM For Organizational Health


Mindfulness isn’t an “add-on” – it is the homebase to come back to when we are under stress.  It’s a practice that grows from technique to a pervasive life stance. It is possible to teach and learn, and a wealth of research supports the results. It helps with stress, transform conflict, removes the obstacles to using your skills under pressure, helps your relationships, and fosters balance.

Our focus is the intersection of mindfulness and conflict resolution – and who is not touched by conflict?  If you managed the conflict in your workplace with more ease, grace, and more productivity, would that be a big benefit to you and your organization?  Are you ever concerned that conflict derails your projects? Your effectiveness? Your team’s effectiveness?

Our nine-week program offers advanced skills, insight, and practice in transforming conflict (or conflict avoidance) in your organization.  


AIM for Organizational Health


Our AIM (Awareness, Integration, & Mastery) for Organizational Health program offerings include trainings, small group facilitation/coaching, individual coaching for stress management and conflict resolution, customer programs, and retreats. The  principals are Judith Sugg and Alisa Blum.

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