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Yoga and the Mind
What does yoga have to do with the mind? With our behavior and thoughts and feelings? Is it simply exercise or more? This class explores the heritage of yoga and the power of its psychology as embedded in the Yoga Sutras. Read More


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For Business Clients

Judy enhances performance in:

  • Communication Skills:  Listening, Building Relationships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creating a Constructive Feedback System
  • How to Stress Less
  • How to be Mindful at Work
  • Understanding Models of Creativity

Mindfulness at Work is part of a comprehensive program Judy is prividing with Montgomery & Associates.  This program is based on current brain research linking mindfulness to greater physical well-bein and emotional intelligence.  This customizable program will help your employees reduce stress, resolve conflict, and promote a culture of engagement.




NLP is a set of useful tools that create rapid shifts in thoughts, feelings and behavior. Thery are easy to learn, fun to practice, and can be life-changing. Judith offers several ways to begin or deepen your knowledge of NLP.

For Groups or Individuals:

  • Presenting Skills
  • Changing Habits
  • NLP at Work
  • NLP Fundamentals
  • Women in Relationships
  • How to Manage Your State and Feelings
  • Controlling Your Inner Critic
  • Designing and Aligning Your Future

Individual Consulting

Limited availablity.  Call or e-mail to discuss. Hourly or project fees apply.


Join one of Judy’s Mindful Mentoring Groups

Take your life, project, career, and personal goals to a new level!  Mentoring groups are structured small groups where your desire becomes our focus.  You participate as the center of the circle and recieve the inspiration, motivation, skills, change work, and information that can make the shift happen – and you participate as part of the facilitated group.  These groups are useful, powerful, cost-effective, fast-paced, and fun.  In the process, you learn how to think and act on your goals by being the change-maker as well as the recipient.  Be prepared to grow, laugh, learn, and experience insight and ispiration.  Judy leads these mentoring groups usually as 4 week, 90 minute sessions for 3-7 participants.  Cost for 4 sessions is $300.  To register, send Judy an email with your time preference (day, evening, weekend).  Judy will notify you of upcoming groups and locations.