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Yoga and the Mind
What does yoga have to do with the mind? With our behavior and thoughts and feelings? Is it simply exercise or more? This class explores the heritage of yoga and the power of its psychology as embedded in the Yoga Sutras. Read More


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Judy was outstanding! What an awesome instructor. Great handouts, great at understanding questions, had great explanation skills. Just a “with-it” person with lots of skills — which she was willing to share. (Jean, Conflict Resolution Workshop, 2016)
The mix of anecdotes, stories and personal examples added fun and color to the presentation. Well done! (Participant, 2014)
Judy is a great facilitator on this topic. She shared her personal experiences as well as her classroom stories. She is an expert in the field. I feel so great to learn from her and I am proud we have such a valuable resource and asset! (Participant, 2014)
Judy, your workshop was phenomenal. Wow! You helped me to have an “aha” moment. I’ve been chasing perfection and never achieving it. My lesson is to let it come to me. What a gift to have this realization! -Susan
Delightful! Well-paced, well-held, well-organized, excellent info and heart, healing, transformative, a gift! I am SO glad I came!
Great one-on-one interaction with Judith was worth the price of the entire class. Well worth it. Judith is good! -Joe
Your workshop was exactly what I needed to learn – some new tools and skills to move myself forward along two totally different career paths simultaneously. I am grateful to you and the participants and look forward to applying what I’ve learned. –Sue
Loved this workshop! I moved from my fear of presenting a small speech to giving a TED talk. The seed is planted – let’s see how it grows. –Donna
Judy was one of the most empowering people I’ve met. She encouraged and inspired; she is obviously an expert in her field.
Your whole-hearted effort, preparation and conduct was exceptional! Thank you!
This weekend was filled with lots of laughter and lots of fun! Oh…and lots of learning. I loved it!
I am so grateful for the exercise that helped me to get rid of that painful block. Your business experience along with NLP helps me to understand more.
Judy is a wonderful instructor. She makes her students feel welcomed…She is kind, understanding, and a great teacher. I loved her class and working with her. All the students who have the opportunity to be part of her class are very fortunate.
I feel awakened, alive, hopeful, satisfied, thankful, and playful!
I thought you were a fabulous storyteller. I would love to work with you again! Thank you.
You are very personable and warm. I love your originality.
Really enjoy your energy and enthusiasm for the information and process. Gentle Soul who sees the good in all of us. Thank you, thank you.
I love how flexible Judy is, incorporating student feedback to improve our overall class experience. Wonderful teaching style and coverage of the material.
Thank you for reframing, integrity, and taking time to clarify confusion. Enjoyed the time – it just flew by!
Easy style, sense of humor, easy to understand lecture and instructions.
I love how you structured the training and covered all the points you promised to cover.
“What will I use? All of it! Lots of great stuff in there. I feel better from just showing up here today!” Eva M., 2016 training
“Last exercise was great!! Feels like a hug!” Ronda Courtney, 2016 training
“Thank you for a ell prseented class…You found a way of plinting out simple but empowering tools to use on a day-to-day (maybe minute by minute) situation or problem. Thank you.” Cynde Revis, 2016 training